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Seed Saving Meeting at Tahlee

I attended the first meeting for a seed saving exchange group, held at Tahlee. This included a viewing of the film “Our Seeds”.  The short can explain it better than I can.

In summary: buying the hybrid varieties which are widely available from large companies may give impressive first crops, but will ultimately cost more when you are dependent on buying seeds rather than saving and trading your own. Growing mono-cultures leaves you susceptible to pests, which evolve to withstand pesticides which you will need to keep buying and changing. There were many first hand accounts describing how traditional methods of growing, saving and trading provide a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle than exporting a cash crop and buying back processed, package foods.

After we watched the film Shane facilitated a unanimous decision to hold a seed/cutting/plant exchange for our area at Tahlee and there was also talk of developing a seed bank at the same venue. So if you want to come along to that, it’s on:

Saturday 30th August
at Tahlee (map) at 1pm
For more info, hassle Shane on 0421311574

(I’ll be travelling out from Tighes Hill if you want to carpool. )

Tahlee is an interesting place to visit, with lots of history and sweet permaculture setup… a good place to take your class / garden club / tourists etc.
Some more info about Tahlee here.