The Idea

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’d like to provide one envelope with a variety of vegetable seeds which are appropriate to plant this month – every month.

Hopefully this will help with

  1. keeping a constant supply of vegetables growing
  2. getting a good variety, not 300 of the same seed/vegetable
  3. reminding us all to get out there and do it

The Story

Does this sound familiar: I plant heaps of lettuce, wait a month for it to grow, and then think

Hooray, I never have to buy food again! [happy face]

Then one month later when all the lettuce has gone to seed, I think

I wish I planted more lettuce last month [sad face]

For a while I was helped by an email service which reminded me every month- which seeds I should plant that month. This worked a bit, sometimes I only got as far as sorting out all the seeds that were in the shed and then not actually planting the seeds I’d gotten out.

Then I thought, instead of receiving a list each month, why not receive the actual seeds!

The trial

I conducted a trial distribution with 10 friends, family and co-workers. I will keep documenting my experiences here under seed packer’s notes for other people who have similar ideas about distributing seeds elsewhere… anyone is welcome to get involved.

What do you reckon?

Is it a good idea? If you think so, you can order a seed packet or gift certificate, here

or share this with someone you think might like to.

Project ended 2016

This website remains for educational purposes, but we will not be taking any subscriptions at this stage. Read the project summary.